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ceramicsThe ceramic program at SIU places emphasis on each student expressing their unique personality through their work. The program encourages a diverse range of attitudes including utilitarian pottery, figurative work, functional design, mixed media and sculpture. Students are expected to explore ideas, materials and processes, and to engage in critical dialogue with the faculty and each other.

Through group and individualized instruction the faculty shares ideas with students and assists them in their creative endeavors. Visiting artists will also contribute to each student’s experience. The Visiting Artist Program provides exposure to high caliber artists in the field of ceramics. Recent visiting artists include David Furman, Linda Leighton, Leslie Baker, Brad Schwieger, Tyler Lotz, Brian Benfer, Tammy Rubins, Garth Johnson, Andrew Martin, Kathy King, and Kristen Kieffer.

ceramicsThe ceramics area has a well-stocked, well-ventilated community glaze room equipped with a ball mill, large mixer, bench grinder and spray booth. Students have access to potter’s wheels, slab rollers, and extruders. There is a well-ventilated clay-mixing room with two Soldner clay mixers, two pug mills, and slip casting equipment. The indoor kiln room is equipped with three forced air Bailey down-draft gas kilns, one 90-cubic-foot gas car kiln, large up-draft gas kiln, and five electric kilns including one test kiln and one front loading high fire kiln. There is also an outdoor kiln area adjacent to the ceramics studios with a raku kiln, a wood kiln and a soda kiln.

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The work pictured here is only a small sampling of the outstanding work of our graduate students in Ceramics.



Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics
A minimum of 60 semester credit hours is required for the Master of Fine Arts degree with a major in arts.

Primary Studio emphasis: 26 hours
Art History or related subjects: 12 hours
Thesis or terminal project work: 6 hours
Elective Study: 16 hours, 9 of which hours must be in studio disciplines
The remaining hours may be elected from any area within the School of Art and Design or in the University at large.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ceramics Specialization
The undergraduate major in Ceramics can be accomplished by fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.


Total Degree Requirements: 120 credits
University Core Curriculum: 32 credits
(3 covered by AD 100A or B, 6 by AD 207A, B, or C Introduction to Art History),
Art and Design Requirements: 88 credits