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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Art Education Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is based on a commitment to artist-teacher development. Artist-teachers in training are encouraged to integrate their art practice with their teaching practice through developing an understanding of art as a form of inquiry and relational pedagogy. We are dedicated to service learning within our program. We believe that service learning can become an authentic link from the classroom, through the local, to the global that awakens students to self and others. Goals for our art pedagogy include ethical and thoughtful action, followed by critical reflection on how these connections happened and why they matter. The Art Education Program seeks to:

  • encourage art educators to become self reflective life-long learners,
  • foster socially engaged citizenship,
  • develop an awareness that knowledge is often constructed collaboratively
  • advance knowledge of the significance of the arts in society.

Our program meets the Illinois State Board of Education standards for Professional development in the Visual Arts and is fully accredited by the National Association for the Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Our BFA program is recognized throughout the region because of its accomplished practitioners, committed leaders in service, and the dynamic instruction graduating seniors bring to the profession of art education.