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About the Art Education Program

Art Education Plan of Study

Open to students interested in learning about teaching art with diverse populations in the community and schools. All courses are 3 credits.

AD 208 Fall & Spring: Introduction to Art Education
(a required pre-requisite for the following art education courses)

AD 308/ 509 Spring: Philosophy and Inquiry in Art Education

AD 318/ 518 Fall: Curriculum Building Through Art in Diverse Contexts

AD 328/ 528 Spring: Artistic Growth of the Child

AD 338/ 538 Fall: Artistic Growth of the Adolescent

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We have 25 art education majors in the School of Art and Design in the BFA program. Approximately two-thirds of our students are of typical college age, and another third are adult learners, certification students, and unspecified graduate students. Our student body draws from metropolitan Chicago and St. Louis, as well as the surrounding communities of southern and central Illinois. Our program is ethnically diverse, inclusive of students with a wide variety of needs, and utilizes teaching and learning approaches appropriate for individual success.

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