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Art Education

The Art Education Program in the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a vibrant and active educational community for students with strong connections to regional, state, and national art education opportunities.

The Art Education Program serves an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 25 students who can complete the following:

  • A Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Art Education emphasis (120 hours), which leads toward licensure to teach
  • An Art Education minor, which consists of 18 credit hours in addition to work in another major area of emphasis. The course work is completed as a combination of studio, art history, and art education course work.

Courses in Art Education

*AD 208: Introduction to Art Education:  What is it like to be an art teacher in lots of different settings?

*AD 318: Curriculum Building in Diverse Contexts:  How do I plan and prepare to teach art to many different students?

*AD 308: Philosophies and Inquiries in Art Education: What do I need to find out in order to develop my own philosophy of teaching?

**AD 328: Art and the Child: What do elementary learners need from an art program and how do I develop lessons appropriate for this age level?

**AD 338: Art and the Adolescent: What do adolescents need from an art program and how do I develop lessons appropriate for this age level?

*You can take these classes before you get into the Art Education Program.
**You can take these when you are in your Teacher Education Program

Opportunities for Future Art Teachers

  • Saturday Young Artists’ Workshop each semester for seven Saturday mornings
  • The Children’s Art Festival (elementary learners) for two days every April
  • The Discovery Day in the Arts (high school learners), also in April
  • An active student RSO Chapter in Art Education
  • Frequent lectures and workshops with nationally known art educators in the field
  • A strong regional conference hosted in Southern Illinois
  • An Art Education minor NEW this year
  • A growing list of opportunities to go out and teach an art activity in the community

For more information

We have an active registered student organization (RSO) called the Southern Chapter of the Illinois Art Education Association Student Organization. Contact the current student president: Olivia Coker at

For more information regarding the Teacher Eduation Preparation (TEP) program, click here:

Learn more about our undergraduate program in our brochure.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Education Specialization
The School of Art and Design offers both a BFA and a BA with an art education emphasis. Each program is designed to meet the Illinois standards for teacher licensure in art education.

To apply for a Bachelors Degree

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