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Kayeleigh Sharp

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kayeleigh Sharp

Email: sharpka@siu.edu

Phone: 618-453-2258

Office location: Center for Teaching Excellence
Morris Library Room 180

I am a broadly trained anthropological archaeologist with a long-standing interest in Latin American cultures and ancient civilizations. Since 2010, I have designed and directed two archaeological field projects in northern Peru: the Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológica Zaña (PIAZ), and the Archaeology of Northern Gallinazo, Lambayeque (ANG-L). I am also a member of the Sicán Archaeology Project (since 2008), the longest-running archaeological field program in Peru. Upcoming seasons of fieldwork, research will focus on the expanding current understanding of the Northern Gallinazo ethnic polity - which my work in the Zaña Valley helped to define – and their mutualistic interactions with the world-renown Mochica (or Moche) civilization. My long-term research focuses on social and economic relationships that persisted despite climate disasters (flooding, drought, and migrating sand dunes), and how such land-person relationships might inform regional farming and crafting practices today. I have also conducted several years of interdisciplinary historic and prehistoric archaeological field in southern Illinois as an affiliate researcher in the Center for Archaeological Investigations. Long-term research projects include (1) documentation and preservation of Illinois rock art, (2) exposing hidden histories of the antebellum-era free African American community of Miller Grove, and (3) investigation of the northern land route of the Trail of Tears and its cultural impact, past and present.

Research Interests

In the broadest sense, I am committed to exposing the contributions of marginalized (or academically under-studied) groups to broader socio-economic and inter-ethnic social spheres over space and time. Applied virtual and extended reality, 3D modeling and photogrammetric analysis of archaeological sites, critical GIS and combined qualitative/quantitative archaeological methods are at the core of my approach.

Primary interests include:

  • marginalized groups and the archaeology of inequality
  • ancient South America
  • Latino/a/x cultures
  • archaeology of death and dying
  • preindustrial crafting technologies and environmental engineering
  • archaeological methods and theory
  • educational uses of eXtended Reality (XR) in anthropology/archaeology

Master’s Thesis & Dissertation Titles

2019  Doctoral Dissertation: Rethinking the Gallinazo: A Northern Perspective from the mid-Zaña Valley, Peru. Chair:  Dr. Izumi Shimada

2009  Master’s Thesis: Iconography for the Living or the Dead? New perspectives on Moche IV-V Ceramic Iconography, North Coast Peru, Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Carbondale, IL. (Academia.edu)

2005  Undergraduate Senior Project:  Pueblo II and III Ceramic Iconography Analysis, TOTAH Archaeology Project, San Juan Junior College, Farmington New Mexico, Advisor:  Dr. Jon Kent.

Selected Publications

Sharp, Kayeleigh

[2022]* Beyond Marginalization: Rethinking Northern Gallinazo on The Pre-Hispanic North Coast of Peru. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. *Forthcoming in 2022

2022 La economía del cobre de los Gallinazos norteños. In IX CNA: VIII Congreso Nacional de Arqueología, edited by Roberto Lleras and Luisa Vetter. Simposios temáticos arqueometalúrgicos vols. Ministerio de Cultura, Lima. [In Press]

Sharp, Kayeleigh, Mary McCorvie, and Mark Wagner

2021 Sharing Hidden Histories: the XRchaeology of Miller Grove, a free African American Community in Southern Illinois. Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage, edited by Lydia Marshall. Taylor & Francis https://doi.org/10.1080/21619441.2021.1902706

Sharp, Kayeleigh, Mark Wagner, and Mary McCorvie

2021 Stone, Water, People: Networks of Meaning in Illinois Rock Art. In XXVIII Valcamonica Symposium 2021: Rock-Art, A Human Heritage. Pp. 279-286. Capo di Ponte (Bs), Italy: Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorci.

Sharp, Kayeleigh, Grant Miller, Bijay Raj Paudel, Upesh Nepal, Salvador Orozco Gonzalez and Stacie Tefft

2021 XRchaeology: The Pros and Cons of AR/VR/XR in Archaeology Education In CAA2021: Digital Crossroads, Proceedings of the 48th Annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. June, 14-18 2021, Limassol, Cyprus Online Event. [Under Review]