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Historical Sources Project:

I am undertaking a long-term project to republish historical sources on the Southeast on the WWW. I've already started getting older, public domain sources into digital form. Here are digitized versions of

Bourne's translation of Rodrigo Ranjel's account (ca. 150k) of the de Soto expedition from Oviedo y Valdés' Historia General y Natural de las Indias and a rough version of

Buckingham Smith's translation of the Gentleman of Elvas' account (ca 330k).

The Relation of Luys Hernandez de Biedma is presented in both Buckingham Smith's transcription of the original Spanish, and in his translation. Each file is about 50k, but they are presented in side-by-side frames that are best viewed on a larger monitor. For those for whom this is a problem, the Spanish and English versions may be viewed separately.

I am also making available an early classic of American archaeology--Squier's 1847 first published accounts of his and Davis's exploration of the mounds of the "West".

These are presented as is, but please send any corrections to me so that I can remove any remaining OCR problems.

Some Publications:

1999 Southeastern Interaction and Integration. In Great Towns and Regional Polities, edited by Jill Neitzel, University of New Mexico Press & The Amerind Foundation. Pp. 143-158

Muller, Jon, and David R. Wilcox

1999 Powhatan's mantle as Metaphor: Comparing Macroregional Integration in the Southwest and Southeast. In Great Towns and Regional Polities, edited by Jill Neitzel, University of New Mexico Press & The Amerind Foundation. Pp. 159-164.

1999 Review of The Hernando de Soto Expedition: History, Historiography, and "Discovery" in the Southeast. Edited by Patricia Galloway. Journal of Interdisciplinary History 30.3 (1999) 521-523 [on-line and Muse]

1998 Towns along the Ohio. In Mississippian Towns and Central Places. edited by R.B. Lewis and C. Stout, University of Alabama Press. pp. 179-199.

Recipient of the

1999 Society for American Archaeology Book Award.


1997 Mississippian Political Economy. Plenum.New York.

Search for Mississippian Political Economy (in paper or hardback) search Kluwer/Plenum Publishers, Amazon, or other dealers.

1997 Native Eastern American Population Continuity and Stability. In Integrating Archaeological Demography, edited by Richard R. Paine. pp. 343-364. Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Occasional Paper 24.

1996 Review of The Ascent of Chiefs, by Timothy Pauketat. American Scientist 84(5):503-504.

1995a Review of Caddoan Saltmakers in the Quachita Valley, edited by Ann Early. Southeastern Archaeology 14(1):95-96.

1995b Regional Interaction in the Southeast. In Native American Interactions: Multiscalar Analyses and Interpretations in the Eastern Woodlands, edited by M. Nassaney and K. Sassaman. pp. 317-353. University of Tennessee Press.

1993a Lower Ohio Valley Mississippian Revisited: An Autocritique of "The Kincaid System."In Archaeology of Eastern North America: Papers in Honor of Stephen Williams, edited by James B. Stoltman, pp. 128-142. Archaeological Report No. 25, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi.

1993b Eastern North American Population Dynamics. In Highways to the Past, edited by T.Emerson, A. Fortier, and D. McElrath, pp. 84-99. Illinois Archaeology 5(1&2).

1991 The New Holy Family: A Polemic on Bourgeois Idealism in Archaeology. In Processual and Postprocessual Archaeologies: Multiple Ways of Knowing the Past., edited by R. Preucel, pp. 251-261. Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Occasional Paper No. 10 .

1986 Archaeology of the Lower Ohio Valley. Academic Press, New York.

search at Academic Press , Amazon, or other dealers.


Look at Recent Papers:


Archaeological Formations is presented strictly as a piece for individual reference and comment It is the beginning statement of a project on the political economy of archaeology itself.

The "Southeastern Ceremonial Complex"--the "Southern Cult"--a Powerpoint presentation on the web of my paper at the 2000 SAA meeting: SECC

A discussion of Dispersion and Settlement in the Lower Ohio Valley: Dispersion

A paper on Cyrus Thomas, one of the founders of American archaeology: Thomas

A summary paper on the work at the Great Salt Spring: Salt


A political Economy bibliography: PolEconBib

Eddyville Style Gorget from Castalian Springs, TN

As an object lesson (see the paper on the 'Southern Cult' above), this object is presented here in its correct orientation--as it almost never has been when used in, or on the covers of, books.


Spring 2001:Introductory Archaeology: Anthropology 300C; Seminar: Ethnogenesis and Historical Political Economy: Anthropology 520; Fall 2000: Seminar on Art Style Analysis Anthropology 567; Summer 2000: Anthropology 104 Spring 00: Eastern Woodlands Archaeology: A430E; Mississippian Political Economy Seminar A510; Fall 1999: A500C

Finally done!

In retirement, I've added a new office onto my house so I finally have room for all my books. The design was by Leslie Good and Mark Dillon of Eggemeyer Associates in Carbondale, and construction by SSI of Murphysboro.

my conception of new office (Theory) the architect's view of the scale of the project (Material Base)

as it really exists (Practice)


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