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NB: This is still preliminary and subject to modification after our organizational meeting at noon on Wednesday, January 17 at noon in Faner 3515.

Anthropology 520

Seminar in New World Ethnology

Jon Muller


Time: 7-10 PM Tuesdays

Place: My Home


The New World geographic /cultural area will be the Southeastern United States, but can include other areas which share important historical experiences and societal features.

The general focus of the seminar will be anthropological archaeology and history. The seminar will stress how history and archaeology can complement one another in dealing with certain kinds of issues; and the role of history in archaeological inquiry into prehistoric aboriginal groups. In terms of general methodological issues, the seminar will read the works of social historians, archaeologists, and social anthropologists who have concerned themselves with the integration of these disciplines. Issues of ethnogenesis and political economy will be covered as central topics.

A major interest of the seminar will be to help students develop their own research interests; the particular topics that will be treated will depend on the composition of the seminar and student interest.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Anthropology or Permission of instructor

Requirements: A major research paper and class reports.

Texts: Patricia Galloway, Choctaw Genesis. U of Nebraska

recommended: Jon Muller, Mississippian Political Economy. Plenum.

(at the book stores)

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Topics (still tentative)

Week Topics
1 Intro.

2 Ethnohistory

3 Historiography

Paper Area Topic Due 30 January

4 Ethnogenesis

5 The Choctaw Case

6 The Natchez

7 The Creek

8 Confederacies as Polities

9 Spring Vacation

10 Archaeology and Ethnohistory

11 Mississippian Prehistory and Ethnography

12 Class Presentations of Research Topics

13 Class Presentations of Research Topics

14 Class Presentations of Research Topics

15 Final Reports & Discussions

16 Final Reports & Discussions

[17 Finals Week]

Term Paper due, TBA

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