Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands

Spring 2000

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Spring 2000

Jon Muller -

Note: In all cases, information as handed out in class is final. This page is posted for your convenience.

Always Under construction

1. Intro & History

19 Jan

Fagan 1,2,3; Willey & Phillips pp. 1-57

2. Background & Mesoamerica

24 Jan

Fagan 4,5,6; Jennings 2,11; Gentleman of Elvas

3. Northeast-New England

31 Jan

Snow & Ritchie, Fagan 17-21; Jennings 8

4. Great Lakes

7 Feb

Fagan 17-21; Jennings 7; Mason

5. Upper Mississippi

14 Feb


6. Upper Ohio Valley

21 Feb

Griffin; Chillicothe

7-8. Central Mississippi Valley

28 Feb/ 6 Mar

Fagan; Jennings 9; Morse, Smith

9-10. Lower Ohio Valley

20 Mar


11. Tennessee-Cumberland

3 Apr

12. Lower Mississippi Valley

10 Apr


13. Central Southeast

17 Apr

Walthall, Welch, Bense

14. Ozarks, Gulf, Florida

24 Apr

Milanich & Fairbanks

15. Middle and So. Atlantic & Overview

1 May

Anderson. Griffin

16. Finals Week

8-12 May

Important Dates

3-Mar-2000 Midterm

03-Mar-2000 EXAM on Materials asigned up to that date -- 1 hr. Midterm

Spring Break 11-19 March

Term Paper Due 21-Apr-2000 at beginning of class [ N.B. late papers will be graded down one letter grade for each day late, beginning after the start of class!]

Exam makeups only for documented, approved excuses

Final Exam time as scheduled by the University 8-12 May 2000

Grades will be based on an 25%-30%-45% weighting of the three assignments (2 exams, 1 paper).

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Paper Assignment for 430E

Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands



A "problem-oriented" paper on the political organization of a period/"society" and Eastern subarea of your choice, as approved.



You will make a proposal for a suitable topic in writing to me on or before February 5, 2000 (at the start of class). I will assess the suitability of the topic and give you approval to proceed, or make suggestions for alteration of the proposed topic.




As an introduction to the paper you will write a brief summary of the culture-historical archaeology of the subarea (no more than about 5 pp.).

Political Organization

Investigate the published materials concerning the archaeology of your area. Part of the assignment is to learn how to select relevant and significant works; not to attempt a "complete" reading of everything ever published. What has been said about the political organization of the time and place you have chosen? Were the societies in question chiefly or tribal or what? What was the probable structure of their social and political organization? Lay out a problem in terms of what you want to 'prove' or 'disprove' and marshall your evidence both in support of and against the position you've taken.

For bibliographic citations, use the Society for American Archaeology bibliographic format (see American Antiquity).

You will be graded on the argument that you make and the quality of the evidence that you bring to bear.

If you want a copy back with comments, please give me two (2) copies.

The assignment is due 21 April 2000.

No late papers without penalty unless by prior arrangement or documented emergency.




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Disclaimer: Although the content should be the same, the assignments as made in class are final in each case, not the text posted here.

Questions? Send them to: or see me in my office hours.

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