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Major Requirements

Courses in the school span all the areas of study and are taught by full-time professors and senior graduate students in classes small enough for dialogue between students and professors.

Students who wish to enroll in Africana and Multicultural Studies as their sole or primary Major will be expected to fulfill the general requirements of the College of Liberal Arts. Students who wish to enroll in Africana and Multicultural Studies as an added Major and who are primarily enrolled in a college at SIU other than the College of Liberal Arts must fulfill their college’s general requirements. Only Africana and Multicultural Studies courses completed with at least a C will fulfill the major requirement.

University Core Curriculum Requirements (41)

To include AFR 215 and AD 227

College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements (14)

Africana Studies Requirements (39)

  • AFR 109 — Intro. To Black American Studies
  • AFR 209 — Critical Issues in Black America
  • AFR 311A  Black American History, Before 1865
  • AFR 311B  Black American History, After 1865
  • AFR 334 Psychology of Black Am. Experience
  • AFR 375 Africana Aesthetics
  • AFR 475 Education and Black America
  • AFR 490 Methodology Seminar in Africana Studies
  • AFR 495 The Slave Narratives (Senior Seminar)
  • AFR 499 Special Topics

Electives for Specialization (26)

Three 3-hour courses from any of the following:

  • AFR Courses (on the 300 or 400 level; including “African Cultural Continuities”)
  • Approved Courses in Fine Arts/Humanities (Music; Theater; Speech Communications; Art & Design; Cinema and Photography; Radio and Television; Philosophy; English)
  • Approved Courses in Social Sciences (History; Sociology; Psychology; Anthropology; Social Work; Political Science)
  • All students will be advised to take at least one section of AFR 399 (“Independent Study”) which will be a focused opportunity for assessment of student learning