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300 Level Courses

AFR 310A-3 Peoples and Cultures of Africa

  • Introduction to the prehistory, cultural history, and modern cultures of people of Africa. Same as Anthropology 310a.

AFR 311-6 (3,3) Black American History

  • Same as History 362. (a) Black American History to 1865; (b) Black American History since 1865. The role of blacks and contribution in the building of America and the ongoing fight for equality. Required for the minor.

AFR 314-6 (3,3) History of Africa

  • Same as History 387. (a) To 1800; (b) Since 1800. A chronological study of African peoples from earliest times to the present, including ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, the Era of the African Kingdoms, the role of Islam, the slave trade, African-European relations, colonialism, African nationalism and independence.

AFR 320-3 Leaders of the Black World

  • A study of black rulers; governmental representatives; activists; and thinkers; both past and present; in Africa; the West Indies; and the United States, with emphasis on the effects of their philosophies on the black world.

AFR 330-3 Black American Social Problems

  • Comparative study of the social problems which afflict black Americans and other minorities and their consequences; including crime and delinquency, mental and emotional disorders, drug addiction, housing conditions, poverty and unemployment, and labor conditions. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

AFR 332I-3 Introduction to Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

  • University Core Curriculum. Same as Political Science 332i. This course deals with civil liberties and civil rights in the United States and how the United States Supreme Court decides which rights and liberties get which protections, at which times. Specifically, our focus will be on the First Amendment, the Right of Privacy, Discrimination, and Voting Rights. Special emphasis will be placed on how the Supreme Court defines, established and protects these liberties through its interpretation of the Constitution.

AFR 333-4 The Black Family

  • Exploring the myths and realities of the black family from sociological and psychological perspectives through a critical examination of scholarly controversies and research. Prerequisite: junior standing.

AFR 334-4 Psychology of African/African American Experience

  • Same as Psychology 334. Examines psychological characteristics of African descent, using an Africentric conceptual model. Theoretical models will be critiqued and empirical data will be examined. Selected issues include: critiques of research methodologies involving African descended populations; African American identities and personality development, psychopathology and cognitive development issues (i.e., language). Prerequisite: Psychology 102 or consent.

AFR 339-3 Black Americans and the Correctional Process. Analysis of selected topics

  • The prison community and the black inmate; correction education and the black inmate; and the black professional. Prerequisite: 332.

AFR 350-3 Contemporary Black Drama

  • Surveys in the works of major and minor writers of contemporary black dramas from A Raisin in the Sun to No Place to Be Somebody. Explores recent criticism on black theater, and approaches oral and written criticism from the point of view of black aesthetics.

AFR 355-3 The Black American Novel Since Native Son

  • The black American novel and its major themes since Richard Wright’s Native Son. Includes such authors as Baldwin, Petry, Williams, etc.

AFR 357-3 Blacks in the Performing Arts

  • History of the role of blacks in the performing arts covering dance companies, ballet, folk dance and black dramatists; cinema, in all its forms; radio and television; and music (spirituals, jazz, opera, classics, etc.)

AFR 360-3 Race and History in the United States

  • See History 361

AFR 375-3 Topics in Africana Aesthetics

  • Course will investigate theories of African art, especially music, dance, sculpture, textile design and adornment styles of cultural groups in West Africa. Cultural transferences and continuities of African art as found in the African diaspora (with special attention to African American art production) will also be studied. Students will be expected to develop a philosophy of art. Prerequisite: 109 or permission of instructor.

AFR 399-1 to 6 Independent Study in Black American Studies

  • Independent study which examines problems and issues not covered in a specific course. Hours and subject matter decided during consultation with a faculty member. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and approval of director of program.