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200 Level Courses

AFR 209-3 Critical Issues in the Black American Experience

  • Insights into the black American experience. Concepts including race, ethnicity, class, caste, minorities, prejudice, discrimination will be analyzed. Main focus is on exploration of critical socio-economic, political, and cultural themes such as demographic trends; migration and urbanization, political participation and strategies, income and employment, housing, health, education, black family, black religion, law, and justice. Prerequisite: 109 recommended but not required.

AFR 215-3 Black American Experience in a Pluralistic Society. (University Core Curriculum)

  • A study and understanding of the evolution of issues of pluralism in contemporary African American society. This course provides an interdisciplinary analysis of ideological and practical problems of racism, integration, class, equity, social institutions as they relate to the Black American experience.

AFR 225-3 Social Change in Africa

  • Examination of the interplay between tradition and modernity in an effort to understand the new Africa. Some of the forces of social change are analyzed. Other topics include African women and the family structure in change and the problems of African development.

AFR 227 African-American Art History

  • We will examine, analyze and discuss significant styles of painting, sculpture, drawing, printing and other techniques used in the visual arts.   We will deepen our understanding of American art history by studying the historical stages of African-American art history . . . .  African-American art history brings a unique view to the growing crisis of systematically depriving the American people from a culturally diverse education.  We will see how many of these arts traveled with Africans on the slave trade and how they contributed to the lives of the slaves, their owners and the community.  We will examine the historical development of African-American art from Civil War period to the contemporary arts of today.

AFR 230-3 Introduction to Black Sociology

  • An introductory course which focuses on the concepts of black sociology in order to fill the gaps of traditional sociology pertaining to the black experience. Designed to heighten the student’s awareness of the black identity and the sociological phenomena which affect it and acquaints the student with specific sociological problems in the study of Afro-Americans.