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We will help you go as far as you want to go in your academic career.

If you are beginning your college career and you are seeking a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, you are an undergraduate. You’ll start the application process with Undergraduate Admissions. They’ll walk you through the steps and answer your questions. They might even answer a few you didn’t know you should ask.

If you are coming to SIU as an undergraduate from another university or college, you are a transfer student. You will want to use many of the same services as new freshmen, but you’ll also want credit for the college work you’ve already done. We will go out of our way to make the transfer process a barrier-free one.

Graduate students apply to the Graduate School with a particular degree in mind, or they apply as a Nondeclared Graduate Student. Our graduate programs take you to the next level. Initiative is always rewarded at SIU.



Campus residency provides the opportunity for a truly holistic college experience. It combines a unique balance of freedom and responsibility for students (many leaving home for the first time) with the security of a comprehensive network of support services designed to help them achieve campus- and life success stories. In addition, University Housing offers an unrivaled foundation for lifelong friendships, study skills, sense of community, and treasured memories.

University Housing at SIU Carbondale provides many options for students, including different types of residential living, dining plans, involvement opportunities, care packages for visiting family, and more. In addition, University Housing also offers a wide range of Living Learning Communities, designed to maximize the college experience for students studying related disciplines for a more communal learning environment that reaches beyond the classroom.


"Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are residence hall communities that bring college learning into the everyday lives of students. They offer students the chance to live with others who share common interests and to interact with SIUC faculty and staff.

"Students who participate in an LLC often have higher GPAs, more positive campus experiences and are more likely to graduate. Potential benefits include getting to know professors and classmates better‚ greater access to academic resources‚ and specialized programs right in your residence hall."

Excerpt from Living/Learning Communities website.

You can view a full listing of Liberal Arts LLCs on the SIU Housing website.


When you choose a college or university, you are investing in your future. We want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Tuition and Fees: As a publicly supported institution, we offer exceptional value.  Remember, the tuition rate you pay as a freshman locks in for four years. If you are from one of our border states, you should know about the in-state equivalent rate. If your parent or guardian is an SIU alum, you may be eligible for the Legacy Alternate Tuition Rate.

Financial Aid: Nearly 80 percent of SIU students receive financial aid. Our financial aid counselors are ready to help you walk through the application process, and help you receive any aid for which you qualify.

Scholarships: SIU offers plenty of scholarships. Besides the University-wide scholarships, we offer college-wide scholarships, and many departments offer scholarships and awards of their own.