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Online course clusters

Online-based students can choose courses from across the curriculum when making their University Studies course plan. However, all of the university's courses are not offered in an online format. To help students in making their plans of study, below are clusters of University Studies-compatible courses offered regularly in an online format. All of the courses offered online are not listed below.

Students should check back every semester, as the university's online offerings grow every term.

Companion Animal Nutrition

ANS 115              Intro Companion Nutrition

ANS 215              Introduction to Nutrition

ANS 316              Rations for Feeding Companion Animals

ANS 365              Canine & Feline Nutrition

ANS 415              Advanced Animal Nutrition


ANTH 104            Human Experience- Anthro

ANTH 210            Survey of the Primates

ANTH 210A          Human Biology: Intro Biol Anth

ANTH 240D          Intro to Social- Cultural Anth

ANTH 410K          Ecological Anthropology

ANTH 410L          Transcending Gender

ANTH 410N          Anth of Popular Culture

ANTH 410Q          Food, Symbol and Society

Criminology and Criminal Justice

CCJ 201              Intro Criminal Justice System

CCJ 203              Crime/ Justice/ Soc Diversity

CCJ 302              CJ Admin

CCJ 306              Policing


FIN 270               Legal & Social Environment

FIN 310               Insurance

FIN 330               Introduction to Finance

FIN 331               Investments

FIN 350               Small Business Financing

Health Education

HED 302S            Driver Task Analysis: Intro

HED 313S            Injury Prevention and Safety

HED 334              First Aid and CPR

HED 412S            Driving Task Analysis

HED 413A            Injury Prevention and Safety

HED 442S            Dev Oper Skills Driver Ed Lab

HED 443S            Dev Classrm DriverEdExp


HIST 101A           History of World Civ I

HIST 101B           History of World Civ II

HIST 110             20th Century America

HIST 205A           History of Western Civ

HIST 300             Origins of America

HIST 301             Modern America: 1877-Present

HIST 367             History of Illinois

Hospitality Management

HTA 206              Food Service Sanitation

HTA 250              Intro to Professional Event

HTA 255              Trade Show Management

HTA 350              Event Entertainment

HTA 355              Sport Event Management

HTA 435              Hospitality MKTG MGMT

HTA 450              Event Marketing

HTA 455              Event Risk Management

Information Systems -- complete degree online


JRNL 301             Principles Advertising/ IMC

JRNL 360I            International Media Systems

JRNL 400             History of Journalism

JRNL 407             Social Issues & Advertising


MGMT 202           Business Communications

MGMT 208           Business Data Analysis

MGMT 304           Intro to Management

MGMT 318           Production - Operations Mgmt

MGMT 341           Organizational Behavior

MGMT 345           Computer Information Systems

MGMT 350           Small Business Mgmt

MGMT 380           Managing Information Systems

MGMT 385           Personnel Human Resource Mgmt


MKTG 304           Marketing Management

MKTG 305           Consumer Behavior

MKTG 329           Marketing Channels

MKTG 336           International Business

MKTG 350           Small Business Marketing

MKTG 435           International Marketing

MKTG 439           Business to Business Mktg

MKTG 452           Physical Distribution Mgmt/Logistics

Landscape Design

PLSS 200            Intro to Crop Science

PLSS 328A          Landscape Design

PLSS 328B          Landscape Design Studio

PLSS 480            Designing Outdoor Spaces

Paralegal Studies

PARL 305            Introduction to Law

PARL 325            Contracts

PARL 335            Basic Property Law

PARL 345            Labor Employment Law

PARL 355            Procedure

PARL 365            Ethics/Professional Resp

PARL 375            International Law

Political Science

POLS 114            Intro: American Govt & Politics

POLS 230            Law in American Society

POLS 250            Comparative Politics

POLS 319            Political Parties

POLS 330            Intro to the Legal Process

POLS 332I           Civil Liberties & Civil Rights

POLS 334            CJ in Society

POLS 352I           Ethnicity & Nationalism

Workforce Education

WED 461             Workforce Educ Needs Assess

WED 463             Assess Learner Performance

WED 472             Organizing Cooperative Educ

WED 473             Coordinating Cooperative Educ

WED 486             Adult Learning

WED 497             Practicum

WED 498             Special Problems