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The Peace Studies minor is interdisciplinary, designed to provide undergraduates with a better understanding of the causes of war and violence, the history of war and peace, and alternatives to violence in thought and practice.  The minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours that are to be selected from the university’s offerings on these topics and organized to reflect each individual student’s interests.  Through coursework in Peace Studies, students may prepare themselves for careers in teaching, government, media, law, non-profit organizations and NGOs, and the arts, among others.  The requirements for the Peace Studies minor are listed below.


For more information, contact: Satoshi Toyosaki, Coordinator

Peace Studies Minor

Successful completion of the Peace Studies minor consists of satisfying all course requirements.

Course Requirements

18 credit hours, including 6 hours of required core courses and 12 hours of electives.  The 18 hours must be spread over at least three different departments.

Required core courses

History 358i or Cinema and Photography 358i - Introduction to Peace Studies

Philosophy 309i: Philosophy of Peace, Law, and Justice


Electives are to be chosen from the following list.  Other courses may substitute, but only with the express approval of a member of the Peace Studies faculty advisory committee.

Anthropology (ANTH)

  • 330 Biological Foundations of Human Behavior
  • 370 Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems
  • 410A Practicing Anthropology
  • 410E Anthropology of Law
  • 410O Colonialism and Post-colonialism

Africana Studies (AFR) (formerly Black American Studies)

  • 209 Critical Issues in the Black American Experience
  • 332I Introduction to Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • 360 Race and History in the U.S. (same as HIST 361)
  • 416 Black Feminist Thought as Theory and Praxis (CMST 416)
  • 447 Communicating Race and Ethnicity
  • 472 Psychology of Race and Racism
  • 497 The U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Cinema and Photography (CP)

  • 469 Queer Visual Culture

Communication Studies (CMST)

  • 301i Intercultural Communication
  • 341 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • 412 Environmental Rhetoric
  • 448 Intercultural Training
  • 463 Interpersonal Conflict
  • 464 Compassionate Communication
  • 490C Global Peace Studies in Japan

Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ)

  • 203 Race, Class & Gender
  • 492 Special Topics: Genocide and Mass Atrocity

East Asian Studies (EA)

  • 370A Global Peace Studies in Japan

English (ENGL)

  • 493 Rebels, Slaves, Monsters, and Human Rights: From Oroonoko to Game of Thrones

Geography (GEOG)

  • 304 Geography of Globalization

History (HIST)

  • 335 Peace and War in the 20th Century
  • 340 International History of the Cold War
  • 355 Radical View of American History
  • 361 Race and History in the U.S. (same as AFR 360)
  • 456 The U.S. in the 1960s
  • 457 American Environmental History
  • 493 Civil Rights Movement
  • 496 Internship

Linguistics (LING)

  • 320 Language, Gender and Power

Philosophy (PHIL)

  • 210 The American Mind
  • 375 Ecology and Ethics
  • 405 Democratic Theory
  • 433-001 Post-Colonialism
  • 441 Philosophy of Toleration

Political Science (POLS)

  • 324 Politics and Environmental Policy
  • 332 Introduction to Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • 370 Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  • 375 War and Force in World Politics
  • 405 Democratic Theory
  • 490 Philosophy of Toleration
  • International Human Rights

Sociology (SOC)

  • 424 Social Movements and Collective Behavior
  • 435 Social Inequality
  • 437 Sociology of Globalization and Development
  • 438 Sociology and Ethnic Relations in World Perspective
  • 455 Racial Inequality

Spanish (SPAN)

  • 401/501 Third Cinema and Latin American Documentary

University Honors

  • UHON 351 Global Peace Studies in Japan

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

  • 300 Feminist Theory
  • 320i Language, Gender and Power (same as LING 320i)
  • 401 Contemporary Feminism

Mass Communication and Media Arts:

  • RTD 492-002/MCMA 555-002 Special Topics: Militarization and Media
  • RTD 489/MCMA 497 Gender, Media and Militarization
  • CP 270-470A: Topics in Cinema & Photography: Marxism and the Visual Arts and Performance: History - Theory, Twentieth Century to Present
  • CP 470 A Neoliberalism and the Politics of Culture
  • CP 463/MCMA 552 History of Experimental Film: topic Race, Class, Gender and Experiments in Media
  • CP 470B/MCMA 543 Film Production Topic: Art and Activism: a creative revolution