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Honors Day

Each spring semester an Honors Day Recognition Ceremony is held for students exhibiting high achievement.  Qualification for recognition is determined at the end of the third week of the spring semester. Recognition at that time will be accorded to a full- or part-time student who has (1) attained an undergraduate grade point average at SIU Carbondale of 3.50 or better and, if applicable, a 3.50 average or better in all undergraduate work (including transfer credit) recognized by SIU Carbondale; and (2) reached the benchmarks of 12, 45, 75, or 105 credit hours of coursework. Such an honors student will be invited by the University to the next regularly scheduled Honors Day ceremony. An institution wide recognition event will take place, as well as each academic unit scheduling its own ceremony. Each honors student is recognized individually on Honors Day. –Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015, page 43.

For more information on Honors Day, visit the University Events and Protocol Honors Day page.