Cultural Competency Minor

Southern Illinois University



Minor in Cultural Competency

The multidisciplinary minor in Cultural Competency enhances the perspectives of students working within culturally diverse communities on a national, international, and global scale. Students completing this minor will be better prepared to thrive and be successful in a diverse workplace. The minor is beneficial to students whose career path requires them to be effective professionals, such as teachers, nurses, social workers, journalists as well as technicians, engineers, and scientists. Area focus, such as East Asia, the Middle East, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as LGBTQ+ and disabilities, is an integral part of the minor.

The minor requires 18 credit hours of course work and independent study. Within these 18 credit hours, nine credit hours must be taken outside the student’s primary discipline. The student must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at SIUC.


Core Requirements – 9 (CH)

ANTH 470A: People and Cultures- Africa

AFR 499: Special Topics in Africana Studies

AFR 499B: Philosophy of Race


Elective Courses – 9 (CH)*

AFR 495: African Cultural Continuties: Study Abroad

AFR 360 or HIST 361: Race and History in the United States 

AFR 449: 

AFR 472: Psychology of Race and Racism

AFR 487: 

ANTH 202: America's Diverse Cultures

ANTH 204: Latino Cultures in America

ANTH 240D: Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology

CMST 201: Performing Culture

CMST 241: Communication Skills in the Global Workplace

CMST 301I: Communication Across Cultures

CMST 441: Advanced Intercultural Communication: Theory and Practice

CMST 448: Intercultural Training

CCJ 203: Crime, Justice, and Social Diversity

CCJ 340: Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

PSYC 223: Diversity in the Workplace

PSYC 233: Psychology of Gender in Diverse Context

PSYC 334: Psychology of African American Experience

SOC 215: Race and Ethnic Relations in the United States

SOC 435: Social Inequality

SOC 437: Sociology of Globalization and Development

SOC 438: Sociology of Ethnic Relations in World Perspective

SOC 455: Racial Inequality

WGSS 426: Gender, Culture, and Language

WGSS 456: 

WGSS 489: Women, State, and Religion in the Middle East

 *subscript: Other relevant courses as approved by the Director of the School of Africana and Multicultural Studies.


Students who wish to enroll in this minor must consult with the Director of the School of Africana and Multicultural Studies: Fr. Joseph Brown (