SIU Day F2022

Southern Illinois University



SIU Day F2022

Archaeological Dig in Thompson Woods

SIU Day brings together hundreds of local high school students. Throughout the day, students have the opportunity to participate in various activities across campus.

The Center for Archaeological Investigations offered students the chance to engage in a real archaeological dig.  The students participated in an excavation in Thompson Woods.  They were able to recover and analyze artifacts related to the nineteenth century Thompson family farmstead and artifacts from a much earlier Native American occupation.  The students also had the opportunity to use the CAI's ground penetrating radar as they searched for buried features at the archaeological site. 

students conducting an archaeological dig

Recovered artifact from the archaeological dig.

Ayla Amadio and group of students

Piece of glass recovered from archaeological dig

group of students participating in archaeological dig

group of students participating in archaeological dig

Ryan Campbell demonstrating ground penetrating radar


Virtual Reality in the Digital Humanities Lab

Students got their hands on Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headsets and played through a variety of immersive VR experiences. They also learned about the abundance of exciting opportunities and partnerships that the Lab offers SIU students, as both a game development and publishing space.

Student in headset standing in front of screen.