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photo of classroom with students

High School Outreach

Image of Ms. Bibi Eaton's Spanish class at Carterville High School. Dr. Janssen Sanchez and Dr. Albuixech visited their classroom.

CoLA is working to strengthen our relationships with local high schools and beyond. Our faculty are not only experts in their fields, but they are also passionate and friendly educators. Contact us to set-up faculty presentations, discussions, or guest lectures. Recent faculty talks have included discussions on careers for our majors, explanations of a Program field (example: What is Linguistics?), and presentations or lectures related to class content. We work with high school teachers to provide the type of talk that you want for your classroom. Faculty are also happy to speak to a club or organization. These talks can be done either in-person or through Zoom (dependent upon faculty availability and school distance).

We have faculty in Africana Studies, Anthropology, Communication Studies, English, History, Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

Recent High School Presentations

Crab Orchard


Below are examples of what high school teachers said about faculty talks in their classrooms:

Courtney Misener; Anna-Jonesboro High School, Biology Class

“I want to thank you for sending Dr. Reichard to our school. His presentation was amazing, and all of the students were very interested in what he had to share. The bell rang for the end of class, when most of them go to lunch, and not one student wanted to leave. Thank you so much for arranging the visit. I'm sure we will have to have him back to our school in the future.”


Justin Crain, Crab Orchard High School, English Dual Credit class

“Thank you for setting it up, and please tell Dr. Shapiro thank you for taking the time to speak to my class. I actually had a few students come up to me after class to discuss some career options Dr. Shapiro mentioned and some who were just excited from meeting with a "real college teacher". There will certainly be some kids headed to SIUC from this bunch.”


Gene Mitchell, Marion High School, American History class

“We really enjoyed Dr. Bean's lecture.  It was very informative. I would love for him to come again.  I will also look into him speaking for my Young Conservatives Club, if he would be interested.”


Orlan Brown, Murphysboro High School, 4 Government classes

"It was our pleasure to have Dr. Grant visit and speak with us!  I know that many of my students enjoyed and benefited from the experience." 


Theresa Stearns, Vienna High School, Spanish classes

"My students enjoyed the presentations and interactions with the presenters. I asked my students from my last period what they liked best and they said, 'The ladies! They were so nice!'"