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Jessica Crowe

Assistant Professor

Jessica Crowe

Office: Faner 3430

Phone: (618) 453-7626



Dr. Crowe’s research interests are in environment-society relations, community development, food security, and social networks.  She is currently examining the effects of oil and natural gas shale development on local communities, with an emphasis on the farming community. She has collected data on local government officials in communities located above shale plays across the United States along with survey data of farmers in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Her past research has focused on local economic development strategies in rural areas with emphasis on social networks and inclusiveness.

Dr. Crowe welcomes the opportunity to work with students interested in sustainability, broadly defined, as well as social issues surrounding natural resource extraction, agriculture, and inequality.

Current Research

“Differences in Public Perceptions and Leaders' Perceptions on Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Development.” With Tony Silva*, Ryan Ceresola*, Amanda Buday*, and Charles Leonard. Revise and Resubmit.

“The Effect of Peer Review on Student Learning Outcomes in a Research Methods Course.” With Tony Silva* and Ryan Ceresola*. Currently under review.

“The Role of Tolerance and the Creative Class on Economic Development in Rural Communities.” with Dr. Nick Recker, Tony Silva* and Ryan Ceresola*. Revise and Resubmit.

“Food Deserts, Barriers to Food Security, and Stress in an Urban Neighborhood.” With Dr. Constance Lacy. Currently under.

“The Influence of Value Orientations, Personal Beliefs, and Knowledge about Resource Extraction on Local Leaders’ Positions on Shale Development.” with Ryan Ceresola* and Tony Silva*. Currently under review.

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • Community Development
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Food Security
  • Quantitative Methods

Selection of Courses Taught

  • SOC 215 Race and Ethnic Relations in U.S.
  • SOC 386 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 530 Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 552 Race and Ethnic Relations

Recent Publications

Jessica A. Crowe and Ryan Ceresola*. Forthcoming. “Racial History, Legacy, and Economic Development.” Patterns of Prejudice.

Jessica A. Crowe, Ryan Ceresola,* and Tony Silva*. Forthcoming. “Enhancing Student Learning of Research Methods through the Use of Undergraduate Teaching Assistants.” Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Jessica A. Crowe. 2013. “The Twilight of Forks?: The Effect of Social Infrastructure on Film Tourism and Community Development of Forks, WA.”  The Journal of Rural Social Sciences, 28(1):1-25. (peer reviewed)

Jessica A. Crowe. 2012. “The Influence of Racial Histories on Economic Development Strategies.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 35(11):1955-1973. (peer reviewed)