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Student Organizations

The main political science undergraduate organization is the Political Science Student Ambassador program, the details of which are below. Other campus student organizations that political science majors may be interested in include Model United Nations, Model Illinois Government, College Democrats, College Republicans, Pre-Law Association, Public Administration Student Organization, and Undergraduate Student Government.

Political Science Student Ambassadors

Political Science Student Ambassadors are undergraduate political science majors involved in outreach activities on behalf of the Department of Political Science. Ambassadors are engaged in a variety of activities from contacting prospective students to meeting with nationally known scholars and political figures that come to SIU Carbondale.

During recent years, Ambassadors served as facilitators for Youth Government Day sponsored by the Public Policy Institute (featuring former Governor Jim Edgar), met with former Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, helped with COLA Alumni Day, met with State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, and developed two new programs. The Ambassadors have designed a peer advising program and a newsletter for our majors and faculty that debuted in Fall 2000.

Program Requirements and Nomination Information

Selection Criteria
  • A minimum GPA of 3.25
  • The applicant must be enrolled in the Political Science Department at Southern Illinois University for at least one semester before applying for the position.
Selection Process
  • Each semester, faculty members are asked to nominate students for the program. In addition, students interested in serving as Ambassadors may nominate themselves by contacting the Academic Advisor (Christy Stewart) or by contacting Professor Habel.
  • Applicants must interview with the Selection Committee for the position.
  • Candidates should demonstrate a good communications skills and a knowledge of the University and Department.
  • To act as responsible representatives of Southern Illinois University and the Political Science Department at both on and off campus events.
  • To provide support for recruitment of Political Science students to SIU.
  • To assist with special events and departmental functions as requested.
  • To attend meetings with campus visitors as requested.
  • Student ambassadors have the opportunity to build a close association with many faculty and staff members at SIU and in the political science department.
  • Ambassadors are given the opportunity to meet nationally known political figures and academics who visit SIU.
  • The ambassador program provides excellent experience in public relations and public speaking skills.
  • Students may earn one credit hour of POLS 395 for participation.

If you still have questions, email Dr. Ken Mulligan.