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The Library of Living Philosophers

The first volume in The Library of Living Philosophers appeared in 1939, the brainchild of the late Professor Paul Arthur Schilpp, who perceived that it would help to eliminate confusions and endless sterile disputes over interpretation if great philosophers could be confronted on a range of questions by their capable philosophical peers and asked to reply to each of them. As well as the criticisms and replies, each volume would include a photograph, a handwriting sample, an intellectual autobiography, and a complete bibliography of the great philosopher's works.

The Library has exceeded even Professor Schilpp's expectations, enabling the outstanding philosophers of each generation to do more than clarify, by extending and elaborating their thoughts. A volume in The Library is not merely a commentary on a philosopher's work: it is a crucial part of that work.

The Library is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Faner Hall 3008. It is published by Open Court Publishing Company.