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Ting Recognized for Teaching Excellence Award

Tim TingTimothy J. Ting has been named recipient of the prestigious 2017 University-Level Teaching Excellence Award for Non-Tenure Track Faculty. Mr. Ting teaches Advanced Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing and teaches Technologies in Law for the Paralegal Studies program within the College of Liberal Arts at SIU Carbondale. An alumni of both the Paralegal Studies program and Southern Illinois Law School, he also teaches Trial Advocacy at the SIU School of Law. In January 2017, he was named a finalist for the Wm. Reece Smith Jr. National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award. Mr. Ting is currently the Vice-President of the Jackson County Bar Association. In 2015, Mr. Ting received the Illinois State Bar Association’s Young Lawyer of the Year Award and SIU Carbondale’s College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher Award.

This award recognizes faculty who demonstrate outstanding teaching, high-quality classroom performance, innovation, and “commitment to student learning outcomes and inclusive excellence in education.” Timothy J. Ting, a lecturer in paralegal studies, is a “model for what should define an outstanding teacher,” wrote David A. Silver, the program’s interim director, in Ting’s nomination letter.

An assistant public defender in Jackson County, Ting is a Carbondale native whose parents met while both attended SIU Carbondale. Ting graduated from the paralegal studies program in 2005 and earned his law degree from the SIU School of Law in 2008. A lecturer in paralegal studies since 2011, Ting is also an adjunct professor at the law school.

Silver wrote that Ting, a former student of his in the paralegal program, showed he “clearly had a passion for teaching” with his help to other students while working later as a graduate assistant while attending law school. Ting was hired to teach part-time after working three years as a clerk for local judges, 1-and-one-half years as an appellate prosecutor for the Fifth District Appellate Court, and two years as assistant public defender in Williamson County. He consistently receives high scores in instructor course evaluations at both the undergraduate level and at the law school.

“Tim has been a superior lecturer and has vastly improved the courses he teaches,” Silver wrote. “One would be hard-pressed to find someone better to teach advanced legal analysis, research and writing. It requires very specialized talents and knowledge but also requires a teacher that is capable of conveying new and complex concepts to students.”

Ting wrote that the legal profession and academic community “have provided me with many opportunities and I am grateful for my career.” “It is my hope that I have these opportunities not only to enhance my personal accomplishments, but, more importantly, to aid the local community, the academic community, and the legal profession,” Ting wrote.

In addition to handling a wide range of felony cases, Ting will typically teach two classes each semester. In 2015, Ting received the Illinois State Bar Association’s “Young Lawyer of the Year Award” and was an American Bar Association finalist for “National Outstanding Young Lawyer” last year. He will be president of the Jackson County Bar Association this fall.

Christopher W. Behan, professor and associate dean for academic affairs at the SIU School of Law, wrote that Ting, who teaches a trial advocacy class, “has an unparalleled work ethic.” After the death of Ting’s father following his first year in law school, Ting cared for his wife, young daughter, a younger sister, and “distinguished himself as one of the finest student advocates ever to graduate from our law school.”

“Simply put, Tim is the most exemplary young lawyer I know,” Behan wrote. “He epitomizes all that is best about the practice of law. The success that he has achieved as an advocate and as a teacher is not accidental; it is the result of hard work and a relentless quest for excellence.”

Ting will receive the permanent title of Distinguished Teacher.