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blue skies dance number


LIVE AUDITIONS: Please fill out the free online BFA Application which has audition dates and other information.
  • Sat, Oct 28, 1:00pm @ SIU
  • Sat, Dec 2, 1:00pm PM @ SIU
  • Sat, Feb 3, 9:00am @ SIU
  • Sun, Feb 4, 10:00am @ Chicago Academy of Arts (day before Unified Auditions)
  • Sat, Feb 24, 1:00pm @ SIU
  • Sat, March 3, 1:00pm @ SIU

VIDEO AUDITIONS: YouTube or video auditions are accepted, although we prefer you meet us, see our facilities and take a campus tour. Please fill out the free BFA Application for video auditions as well.

ALL AUDITIONS: Please prepare the following:

  • SONGS: 2 contrasting musical theater selections (each no longer than a minute)
  • MONOLOGUE: 1 monologue (no more than 90 seconds)
  • DANCE: Dancewear or clothing you in which you can easily more.


  • Prepare your music:
    • Bring sheet music well marked with cuts (copy, cut and paste to make simple for pianist). An accompanist will be provided.
    • Minimize and simplify page turns.
    • Electronic accompaniments with CD are acceptable, but not preferred.
    • Prepare a few questions for us!
    • Picture and resume are appreciated, but not required.


  • Place the imaginary person to whom you are singing or speaking just over the heads of the auditioners (not to the sides).
  • Minimize your gestures and movements: draw our attention to your eyes, face and voice.
  • Select songs and monologues that fit your age, gender, vocal and physical type within reason. Don’t worry if something is overdone, especially if you feel you do it well.
  • Variety and contrast within songs and monologues are important. Show us where the character changes their thought process, and take time for the moments they evaluate their situation to change course.
  • Slow down.
  • Please avoid dialects or accents. Just be YOU. There is only one of you. Be the best YOU.