Friday, April 7 - 5:30 EVENT | Outside the Box | Music | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Friday, April 7 - 5:30 EVENT

5:30 PM, Carbondale Community Arts Corridor Gallery and Art Space
(304 W Walnut St, Carbondale, IL)

Guest Composers Shih-Hui Chen, Kurt Stallmann, and Steve Duke

Shih-Hui Chen Kurt Stallmann Steve Duke

(Pictured left to right: Shih-Hui Chen, Kurt Stallmann, Steve Duke)

The SIUC School of Music welcomes award winning composers Shih-Hui Chen and Kurt Stallmann. Join us for an evening of works by both artists including the audiovisual TIME PRESENT, by Kurt Stallmann and Alfred Guzzetti, a wordless meditation by a composer and a filmmaker on the present moment as registered in faces, the thoughts we imagine as we contemplate those faces, in gestures, in the public life of the city, its layers of sound, the sea, the river, the sky. Movement slows, inviting us to inhabit complexities that usually we can do no more than glimpse. No moment is completely arrested as in a still photograph, but slips inexorably into the next and points toward the destination of all of present time.

Steve Duke's Change Course is, first and foremost, a work of musical theatre. The piece is designed for live performance by a central ‘character’ who undergoes a transformative experience to be witnessed by the audience. There is no written score, only a structured improvisation arrived at through a series of communications between Steve Duke and Kurt Stallmann over a period of several months in 2011-2012. The musical materials forming the basis for development are idiomatic fragments that define the style of historical jazz saxophone icons like Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon. These fragments are isolated, taken apart, and put back together in unusual sequential orderings to create a language that is neither jazz, nor free from the influence of jazz.