Tuesday, April 4 | Outside the Box | Music | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Tuesday, April 4

7:30 PM, Shryock Auditorium

SIUC School of Music Concert Choir (Susan Davenport, conductor), Wind Ensemble (Christopher Morehouse, conductor), and Percussion Ensemble (Christopher Butler, director) join forces to perform works by guest composers Paul Carey and Karl Blench.

Paul Carey Karl Blench Susan Davenport Christopher Morehouse Christopher Butler

(Pictured left to right: First Row: Paul Carey, Karl Blench, Susan Davenport;
Second Row: Christopher Morehouse and Christopher Butler)


  • God's Nature - Paul Carey
  • Lacrymosa - Paul Carey
  • Dies Irae - Paul Carey
  • God Says Yes to Me - Paul Carey
  • Play with your Food - Paul Carey
  • Fratres - Arvo Pärt
  • Distorted Visions - Karl Blench