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December 07, 2016
Dean's Message
Dean Meera Komarraju After completing almost a year and a half on the job I feel fortunate to continue serving as dean of the College of Liberal Arts – a large and resilient college! Despite the financial challenges that we are facing in Illinois, we are managing with small, stop-gap budgets and continue to move forward by focusing on what we can control -- increasing student enrollment and pursuing excellence in our teaching, research and service activities.

December 07, 2016
Art historian brings love of Greek and Roman funerary art to enhance mythology class
Mont Allen When he returned to Pompeii as an adult, Mont Allen visited the very spot where his father rested on a Roman wall in the remains of the ancient, doomed city. The site is significant because it might be where his love of the classical world was born.

December 07, 2016
Researcher analyzes natural ecosystem benefits
Mark Healy If conservation is important, there must be a reason for the importance, a demonstrable value that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Graduate student Mark Healy is focusing his research on describing that value in practical terms, of finding ways to measure how natural ecosystems benefit society and individuals and why conservation is worth the trouble. That field of study is called “quantification of ecosystem services.”

December 07, 2016
Psychologist and criminal justice researcher team up to assess bullying prevention programs
Mary Louise Cashel, associate professor of psychology, and Daryl Kroner, professor of criminology and criminal justice, are seeking to assess perceptions of school safety, experiences of bullying and strategies for promoting safe and supportive learning environments in schools across the region.

December 07, 2016
2020 Vision: Meet the Freshman Class
Students from 2016 freshman class Every fall semester, the university experiences renewed energy as new students arrive on campus. Of the 2,126 freshmen arriving to campus this fall, 319 -- roughly 15 percent of them --have registered as students in liberal arts either generally or by expressing an interest in specific majors. Who are these students? What brought them to our college? What are their hopes and ambitions? We recently sat down to talk with several incoming freshmen from the Class of 2020, and asked them about themselves -- where they are from, what drew them to campus and what they envision for their futures. The answers are inspiring.

December 07, 2016
Class takes linguistics students on cultural journey
Aminata Coulibaly One of the first calls Vicki Carstens makes during a new academic year is to the Center for International Education to find out what nationalities are represented among our international students.

December 07, 2016
Alumnus named Illinois state historian
An SIU alumnus is the 10th Illinois state historian, appointed July 26 by the trustees of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Samuel Wheeler, an expert on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, will direct research and collections at the state historical library, which is part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. He will also take the lead on education outreach programs through Illinois museums, library collections and historic sites throughout the state.

December 07, 2016
News and Accomplishments
The College of Liberal Arts, besides being the largest on campus, is also one of the busiest. Nearly every week, departments within the college host lectures and workshops, theater productions and community activities, art exhibitions or music performances, demonstrations or community activities. In addition, faculty and students are constantly publishing creative work, presenting academic papers, and researching in the field, in the library and online. Here are just a few highlights of recent accomplishments...

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