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Silvia Secchi

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Silvia Secchi


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Dr. Secchi is a natural resource economist by training, and has worked and published on a wide variety of interdisciplinary issues related to the interface between agriculture, energy and the environment. Her work integrates economic, geographical, and environmental models. She has been Principal Investigator or co- Principal Investigator on over 20 competitive research grants, for over $7 million. Her research interests include: conservation policy, environmental impacts of agriculture, the role of agriculture in climate change adaptation and mitigation, payments for ecosystem services, floodplain management, and land-based energy production.


Ph.D., Iowa State University

Selection of Courses Taught

GENV 422-522 - Environmental and Energy Economics
GENV 300i - Geography, People and the Environment

Recent Publications

Varble, S., C. G. Druschke and S. Secchi. 2016. An examination of growing trends in land tenure and conservation practice adoption: Results from a farmer survey in Iowa. Environmental Management 57 (2): 318-330. URL:

Teshager A., P.W. Gassman, S. Secchi, J. Schoof and G. Misgna, 2015. Modeling Agricultural Watersheds with the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT): Data Challenges and Issues. Environmental Management. URL:

Cooke S.L., A.C. Lloyd, A.D. Monteblanco and S. Secchi. 2015. Moving to higher ground: Ecosystems, Economics and Equity in the Floodplain. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. URL:

Druschke C. G., and S. Secchi. 2014. The Impact of Gender on Agricultural Conservation Knowledge and attitudes in an Iowa Watershed. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 69(2), 95-106. URL:

Secchi S. 2013. Integrated Modeling for Conservation Policy Support. Choices 28(3), 1-5. URL:

Banerjee S., S. Secchi, J. Fargione, S. Polaski and S.E. Kraft. 2013. How to Shop for Ecosystem Services: a Guide for New Markets. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11(6), 297-304.

Varble, S., and S. Secchi. 2013. Human Consumption as an Invasive Species Management Strategy: A Preliminary Assessment of the Marketing Potential of Invasive Asian Carp in the US. Appetite 65(0), 58-67.

Secchi S., P. W. Gassman, M. Jha, L. Kurkalova, and C. L. Kling. 2011. Water Quality Changes due to Corn Expansion in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. Ecological Applications 21(4): 1068–1084.

Secchi S., L. Kurkalova, P. W. Gassman, and C. Hart. 2011. Land Use Change in a Biofuels Hotspot: The Case of Iowa, USA.  Biomass and Bioenergy 35(6): 2391-2400.

Recent Grants

Argonne National Lab (DoE funds) – Landscape by Design – Valuation of Ecosystem Services, 2015, $49,736.

National Science Foundation - DYN COUPLED NATURAL-HUMAN. People, Water, and Climate: Adaptation and Resilience in Agricultural Watersheds (with D. Bennett, N. Basu, M. Muste, W. Gutowski) 2011-2016, $1,011,832.

National Science Foundation - DYN COUPLED NATURAL-HUMAN. Climate Change, Hydrology, and Landscapes of America’s Heartland: A Multi-scale Natural-Human System (With C. Lant, S. Kraft, G. Misma, J. Nicklow, and J. Schoof) 2010-2015, $1,430,000.

USDA CSREES AFRI Agribusiness Markets and Trade. An Analysis of the Impact of Biofuel Expansion through Linking of Agricultural and Energy Markets (With A. Elobeid and L. Kurkalova) 2010-2014, $360,396.