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Featured Speakers & Performances

Andrea Baldwin

(Ph.D., '15)

Andrea Baldwin

We're so excited that Dr. Andrea Baldwin (PhD, '15) will be bringing her most recent show, Lone Star Feminist, to our homecoming event as the featured performance! Andrea teaches at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, where she is helping to create a performance studies program and student performance group. She describes her show this way:

"I am Texan. I am Black. I am a Feminist. To be one or two of these things can cause a slight disruption. To be all of them can cause massive controversy. This performance explores the realization of these identities through multiple notable icons in regional history. Interweaving relational, parasocial, spiritual, and professional experiences Lone Star Feminist gives voice to a specific demographic as I claim and reclaims identities embedded in race, gender, and regional discourse."

Andrea is a compelling performer, and we are looking forward to sharing this new work with alumni.

Kristin Langellier & Eric Peterson

(Ph.D., '80) & (Ph.D., '80)

Kristin Langellier and Eric Peterson

As our keynote speakers, Kristin and Eric reflect on the discipline by sharing their account of their careers as a history of scholarship and other contributions to understanding the connections between performance and everyday life, typically, but not exclusively, through the study of personal narrative.

Their work has influenced so many who have come through this department, as well as the discipline generally. We are delighted to have this opportunity to catch up with them and hear their take on the importance of our discipline, its contributions to human understanding, and the future directions they see us undertaking.

Kristin Langellier and Eric Peterson during their time at SIU

You can find out more about their extensive work, including their book and article publications, at the links below:

Pictured right: Drs. Peterson and Langellier during their time as graduate students at SIU Carbondale.

David Ranalli

(B.S., '11)

David Ranalli

There's magic in the air! David is a magician, illusionist, speaker, and corporate event MC, and we're so excited to welcome him as a featured event during the alumni homecoming. He has created an extraordinary career by combining his degree with his long love of magic and illusion. His website notes:

"His fascination with illusion is rooted in his background of human communication and psychology. The magic that Ranalli presents is designed to be interactive and to get people out of their comfort zone. Altering people’s perception of reality, Ranalli works tirelessly to reminds us how powerful and mysterious our lives truly are in this new and distracting digital world."

David creates performances for corporate events, combining magic, motivational speaking, and reflection on contemporary experience. Visit his website to find out more about this successful alumn; his site contains links to his TED talks and other appearances.