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Joseph Schafer

Professor, Chair

Joseph Schafer

4236 Faner
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Ph.D., Michigan State, Social Science (Criminal Justice), 2000.

Specializations: Policing, Future of Crime and Justice, Criminal Justice Management and Administration, Policy and Program Evaluation, Police Leadership and Organizational Change.

Dr. Schafer is a member of the PFI/FBI Futures Working Group, a past president of the Society of Police Futurists International, and a former visiting scholar in the Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. Currently, Dr. Schafer is researching college student perceptions of critical incident responses, police innovation, police leadership, rural fear and victimization, organizational change, legal and ethical issues relating with police intelligence operations, and emerging issues in policing.

He is also currently editing a book series titled "Perspectives on Crime and Justice," forthcoming by the Southern Illinois University Press. View brochure (PDF)

Dr. Schafer has served as Department Chair since 2011.