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Gretchen Dabbs

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-3298
Building Location: Faner Hall 3539

My research interests are two fold.  In the field of forensic anthropology, I am interested in the use of accumulated degree days in estimating the postmortem interval, establishing known decompositional rates for specific geographic and climatic regions, and developing and testing methods full profile >>

Susan Ford

Professor and Provost and Vice Chancellor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5744

Fax: (618) 453-1478


Building Location:

1265 Lincoln Drive

Anthony Hall

MC 4305

SIU Carbondale

Carbondale, Illinois 62901

Research Interests Primate evolution (especially platyrrhines), systematics, comparative functional anatomy, New World monkey biogeography, size and scaling, evolutionary theory, South America (platyrrhine primates). Ph.D. 1980 University of Pittsburgh. Courses Anth 104: The Human Experience Anth full profile >>

Ulrich H. Reichard

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5052
Building Location: Faner Hall 4430

My empirical work focuses on the primate community of Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, where my students and I study white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar), pileated gibbons (Hylobates pileatus), and northern pig-tailed macaques (Macaca leonina). We continuously monitor individual life full profile >>

Jeremiah Scott

Assistant Professor

Jeremiah Scott
Office Phone: (618) 453-5023
Building Location: Faner Hall 3536

Research Interests I study the evolutionary biology of the primate chewing apparatus. I am specifically interested in establishing form-function links in the jaws and teeth of modern primates and using such relationships to reconstruct aspects of the paleobiology of Plio-Pleistocene fossil hominins, full profile >>