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Andrew Balkansky



Office Phone: (618) 453-5083
Email: abalkan@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3544

Dr. Balkansky has done archaeological fieldwork in Mexico since 1991. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin (1997, under Gary Feinman), and was a scientific assistant and post-doctoral researcher at the American Museum of Natural History (1996-1998, under Charles Spencer). He worked ...read full profile >>

Izumi Shimada

Distinguished Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5043
Email: ishimada@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3536

I have a number of ongoing fieldwork and writing projects. In December, 2005, I completed the first phase (field and laboratory seasons of 2003, 2004 and 2005) of the long-term, international Pachacamac Archaeological Project, which has explored the "social foundations and environmental ...read full profile >>

Mark Wagner

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Archaeological Investigations

Mark Wagner

Phone: 618.453.5031
email:  mjwagner@siu.edu
Office Location:  Faner Hall, Room 3475

My interests include the prehistory and early history of both Native Americans and Europeans in Illinois and the lower Ohio River Valley. I am particularly interested in culture contact issues between Native Americans and Euro-Americans and the variable outcomes contact had for members of both ...read full profile >>

Paul D. Welch

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-4470
Email: pwelch@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3521

I study the interaction of economics with social and political organization in small-scale societies.  My research focuses on Native American (Indian) societies of the southeastern US before the arrival of Europeans.  I have directed excavations in several states of the ...read full profile >>