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Professor Shimada

Current Faculty

Andrew Balkansky

Professor and Associate Dean


Office Phone: (618) 453-5083
Email: abalkan@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3544

Dr. Balkansky has done archaeological fieldwork in Mexico since 1991. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin (1997), and was a scientific assistant and post-doctoral researcher at the American Museum of Natural History (1996-1998). His principal research has been settlement pattern ...read full profile >>

Roberto Barrios

Associate Professor

Roberto Barrios

Phone: 618.453.5014
email: rbarrios@siu.edu
Office Location: 
Faner Hall, Room 3533

Since 1996, I have conducted research on population displacement and resettlement, with a specific focus on the practices through which people recreate a sense of place, community, and recovery after a traumatic event. Through this work, I have made a number of significant contributions to the ...read full profile >>

Vytis Ciubrinskas


Head of the Center of Social Anthropology

Professor, Department of Sociology

Vytautas Magnus University
Donelaicio street 52
LT 44244 Kaunas, Lithuania

Dr. Čiubrinskas is a Social Anthropologist. He earned his Ph.D. at the Vilnius University in Ethnology and History (1993), and is currently a Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas and an Associate Professor of Social and Cultural ...read full profile >>

Gretchen Dabbs

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-3298
Email: gdabbs@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3539

My research interests are two fold.  In the field of forensic anthropology, I am interested in the use of accumulated degree days in estimating the postmortem interval, establishing known decompositional rates for specific geographic and climatic regions, and developing and testing methods ...read full profile >>

Susan Ford

Professor and Provost and Vice Chancellor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5744

Fax: (618) 453-1478

Email: provost@siu.edu

Building Location:

1265 Lincoln Drive

Anthony Hall

MC 4305

SIU Carbondale

Carbondale, Illinois 62901

Research Interests Primate evolution (especially platyrrhines), systematics, comparative functional anatomy, New World monkey biogeography, size and scaling, evolutionary theory, South America (platyrrhine primates). Ph.D. 1980 University of Pittsburgh. Courses Anth 104: The Human Experience Anth ...read full profile >>

Janet Fuller


Janet Fuller

Phone: 618.453.5057
email: jmfuller@siu.edu
Office Location: Faner Hall, Room 4343

My current research addresses language ideologies and social identities in the U.S. and Germany. In particular, I am interested in how discourses surrounding immigration, integration, “race” and ethnicity are intertwined with ideologies about language and nation, and how these ...read full profile >>

Jonathan Hill


Office: Faner 3231
Phone: (618) 536-6651
Fax: (618) 453-5037

Research Interests Ethnology, ecology, and history of Lowland South America; ethnomusicology and performance studies; symbolic and semiotic anthropology; nationalism and ethnicity; critical studies of culture, power, and history. Courses ANTH 410F Anthropology of Religion ANTH 310E/470E People and ...read full profile >>

Heather Lapham

Curator and Associate Scientist, Center for Archaeological Investigations, Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology


Phone: 618.453.5031
email:  hlapham@siu.edu
Office Location: Faner Hall, Room 3479

Research Interests My earliest research explores why seventeenth-century Native Americans living in the southern Appalachian Highlands initially participated in the historic deerskin trade. Changes in the archaeological record in deer-hunting practices, deerskin production activities, and exchange ...read full profile >>

John McCall

Associate Professor, Department Chair

John McCall

Phone: 618.453.5010
email: jmccall@siu.edu
Office Location: Faner Hall, Room 3543

My research is focused on African arts, music, and dance. I am particularly interested in the performance arts as mechanisms of collective memory, historiography, and the production of meaning in community life. Since 2000, I have devoted my attention to Africa's enthusiastic and innovative ...read full profile >>

Leila Monaghan

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office Location: Faner Hall, 3540

I am a linguistic anthropologist.  My research interests are broad but my current work looks at Plains Indian women in the Great Plains Wars including the Battle of Little Bighorn.  Because so much of the work on Little Bighorn has been done by white male military historians, the ...read full profile >>

Ulrich H. Reichard

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5052
Email: ureich@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 4430

My empirical work focuses on the primate community of Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, where my students and I study white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar), pileated gibbons (Hylobates pileatus), and northern pig-tailed macaques (Macaca leonina). We continuously monitor individual life ...read full profile >>

Jeremiah Scott

Assistant Professor

Jeremiah Scott
Office Phone: (618) 453-5023
Email: jescott@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3536

Research Interests I study the evolutionary biology of the primate chewing apparatus. I am specifically interested in establishing form-function links in the jaws and teeth of modern primates and using such relationships to reconstruct aspects of the paleobiology of Plio-Pleistocene fossil hominins, ...read full profile >>

Izumi Shimada

Distinguished Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-5043
Email: ishimada@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3536

I have a number of ongoing fieldwork and writing projects. In December, 2005, I completed the first phase (field and laboratory seasons of 2003, 2004 and 2005) of the long-term, international Pachacamac Archaeological Project, which has explored the "social foundations and environmental ...read full profile >>

David Sutton


David Sutton

Phone: 618.453.5017
email: dsutton@siu.edu
Office Location: 
Faner Hall, Room 3537

Since the early 1990s I have been doing research in Greece, with a focus on the island of Kalymnos in the Eastern Aegean. I have been interested in questions of memory, historical consciousness and the relevance of the past in daily life, ranging from naming practices to the ritual throwing of ...read full profile >>

Mark Wagner

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Archaeological Investigations

Mark Wagner

Phone: 618.453.5031
email:  mjwagner@siu.edu
Office Location:  Faner Hall, Room 3475

My interests include the prehistory and early history of both Native Americans and Europeans in Illinois and the lower Ohio River Valley. I am particularly interested in culture contact issues between Native Americans and Euro-Americans and the variable outcomes contact had for members of both ...read full profile >>

Paul D. Welch

Associate Professor


Office Phone: (618) 453-4470
Email: pwelch@siu.edu
Building Location: Faner Hall 3521

I study the interaction of economics with social and political organization in small-scale societies.  My research focuses on Native American (Indian) societies of the southeastern US before the arrival of Europeans.  I have directed excavations in several states of the ...read full profile >>