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The Latino and Latin American Studies minor is interdisciplinary, designed to provide undergraduates with an enhanced understanding of the culture, history, language, literature, and arts of both Latinos in the United States and the people of Latin America. The minor consists of a minimum of 15 hours that are to be selected from the university's offerings on these topics and organized to reflect each individual student's interests. Through coursework in Latino and Latin American Studies, students may prepare themselves for careers in teaching, government, the media, health care, business, law, and the arts, among others. The requirements for the Latino and Latin American Studies minor are listed below.

For additional information, please contact:

Jonathan Hill, Professor
Department of Anthropology
Faculty Coordinator for Latino and Latin American Studies Minor
Faner Hall 3531

Language and Course Requirements

Successful completion of the Latino and Latin American Studies minor consists of satisfying a language requirement as well as all course requirements.

Language Requirement: A minimum of one year (two courses) or equivalent of Spanish; satisfaction by coursework or exam.

Course Requirements: 15 credit hours, including a minimum of 3 hours selected from a) humanities / fine arts and b) social science courses listed below. No more than 6 hours from the student's major can be counted toward the minor in Latino and Latin American Studies. In addition to the list of humanities and social science courses listed here, students may count up to 6 hours of coursework in Africana Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; or other courses that specifically focus on intercultural relations in the U.S. Use of such courses as electives for the minor will require written approval from the Faculty Coordinator as part of early registration.

COURSES that fulfill requirements for the Latino and Latin American Studies Minor

A)   Humanities / Fine Arts


  • AD 468 Pre-Columbian Art


  • ENGL 205 The American Mosaic in Literature
  • ENGL 446 Caribbean Literature


  • HIST 361 Race & History in the U.S. (same as AFR 360)
  • HIST 365 American Immigration
  • HIST 370a History of Latin America: Colonial
  • HIST 370b History of Latin America: Independent
  • HIST 407 History of Latinos in the United States
  • HIST 470 Continuity & Change in Latin America


  • PHIL 211 Philosophy & Diversity: Gender, Race & Class


  • SPAN 304 Hispanic Cinema for Conversation
  • SPAN 310 Survey of Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 370b Hispanic Culture & Civilization
  • SPAN 434 Colonial Literature in Spanish America
  • SPAN451 Studies in Latin American Literature of the Nineteenth Century
  • SPAN461 Studies in Latin American Literature of the Twentieth Century

B)   Social Sciences


  • AFR 360 Race & History in America


  • ANTH 204 The Anthropology of Latino Cultures
  • ANTH 205 Latin American Civilizations
  • ANTH 206 Latin American Popular Culture
  • ANTH 302 Indians of the Americas
  • ANTH 310c Introduction to Peoples & Cultures: Caribbean
  • ANTH 310e Introduction to Peoples & Cultures: South America
  • ANTH 310i Introduction to Peoples & Cultures: Mesoamerica
  • ANTH 310j Introduction to Peoples & Cultures: Andes
  • ANTH 328c Intro. to Languages and Cultures of the Americas: South America
  • ANTH 416 Spanish in the U.S.A.
  • ANTH 430b Archaeology of Mesoamerica
  • ANTH 430f Archaeology of South America


  • CCJ 203 Crime, Justice, & Social Diversity


  • ECON 419 Latin American Economic Development


  • LING 416 Spanish in the U.S.A. (same as ANTH 416)


  • POLS 215 Politics of Diversity in the United States
  • POLS 366 Government & Politics of Latin America


  • PSYC 223 Workplace Diversity


  • SOC 215 Race/Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
  • SOC 438 Sociology of Ethnic Relation